Dating only a click away
The Reveille - November 11, 2004
While some students find it easy to meet others through class or the local bar scene, others have taken note of another way to meet Tiger fans ┠online. Although there are several online "meet up" services, is the only one offered to just LSU affiliates...

Sleeping With the Enemy
The Village Voice - October 27th, 2004
Anise Labrum was 20 years old and living in Los Angeles not long before the last presidential election. She had been seeing her boyfriend for about a year. Back then, Labrum, a fashion stylist, loosely considered herself a Democrat. Her sweetheart, on the other hand, was a Republican....

Cougars connect online
The Daily Evergreen - April 13, 2004
Cougars once lacking access to the sea of local romance can now fish in familiar waters thanks to a free online dating service called

Red Raider E-Hookups
UniversityDaily.Net - Sep 2, 2003 ... Cupid is now coming to a computer near you. Single students have a new way to meet prospective dates with, a new online dating service created specifically for Texas Tech students, alumni and fans...

Web site lets Univ. affiliates get acquainted Bulldoggy style
For all you single bulldogs, there is a new service designed specifically for you. The Web site ( is for University students, faculty, alumni or any fans who want to "get their romance on" bulldog style...

Online dating service for U draws hundreds
The Minnesota Daily, MN - Jul 20, 2003 ... You don't know who you're going to be surrounded with... The Web site is one of a handful run by White Buffalo Ventures, based in Austin, Texas. ...

Web site may have Cougars cuddling by fall
Cupid traded in his arrows for a keyboard and his wings for a computer line. He can now be found at the new Web site designed specifically for those affiliated with UH and looking for their significant Cougar

LSU Reveille Online - "we just clicked..."
..., an online matchmaking service for LSU students, alumni, faculty and supporters, launched on June 29. CAMPUS CUPID ...

Meeting that special someone (Jul 15, 2003 By Daniel Chapman)
Students talk about the pros and cons of meeting people on the Internet Dating Web sites have sprung up all over the Internet, allowing people to create profiles in hopes of meeting that special . . .read more - 'Niche' On-Line Dating Site - Launches
AUSTIN, Texas, June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Singles with a connection to Texas A & M have a new way to get a date or meet their mate, depending on how well a preliminary exchange of e-mails goes... read more

Runners Being Paired
Austin entrepreneur Brad Armstrong has launched yet another online dating site aimed at a niche market... read more

New Web site caters to lonely Longhorns (Mar 03, 2003 By Elizabeth Robertson (Daily Texan Staff))
"Single professional seeks intelligent, attractive single woman for torrid affair." Or how about, "Texas gal seeks beer lovin'. . .read more

Austin-based White Buffalo Ventures LLC just launched a new Web site.
The company's founder and CEO, Brad Armstrong, says the idea behind the site is to help people meet who already have a common bond or passion. In this case, it's an affiliation with the University of Texas. . . read more

Wanted: Love in burnt orange By Catherine Hosman March 6, 2003
Central Texas singles have a new way to get a date or meet their mate, depending on how well a preliminary exchange of e-mails goes. On Dec. 26, 2002, began serving the meeting, greeting and dating needs of University of Texas alumni, students, staff, friends and anyone else with an affinity for the burnt orange. . . read more

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